Valley View Turkey Farm – Flavor Fed Quality Turkeys

Celebrating 80 Years 1938-2018 - Valley View Turkey Farm – Flavor Fed Quality TurkeysValley View Turkey Farm is a family tradition. With the third generation of Koch’s running the turkey farm, we have a lot of history in the business. This year we are celebrating our 80th year delivering quality fresh turkey. Our turkeys are fresh and never frozen. We raise our turkeys in a free range atmosphere; our turkeys have never been caged and have free access to the outdoors or anything they want to do. We feed our turkeys a natural poultry feed that consist of corn/soybean meal that is balanced with essential vitamins and minerals with no added antibiotics, animal proteins, or hormones.

Carl F. Koch, the father of Carl H. started a turkey farm in 1938 on Princeton Road in Liberty Township. In 1950, Carl moved to the current location at 4900 Yankee Road. At one point, the farm raised over 5000 turkeys for retail and wholesale sale to local grocers and restaurants. Currently, we raise over 1000 turkeys for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We also raise cattle, sheep, field corn, soybeans, and wheat.

Sizes Available:

16-30lb whole turkeys.

½ Turkey 10-16lbs

If you are having a smaller gathering, may we suggest a half turkey. A half turkey is a whole turkey that is cut down the center of the breast. You get one leg, one wing, half a breast. You also get larger pieces of meat with the added flavor of a larger bird. These are great for on the grill or in a deep fryer.

Hours for pick-up:

11/19 11am-6:30pm
11/20 11am-6:30pm
11/21 11am-6:30pm
11/22 Closed
11/23 9am-6:30pm
11/24 9am-6:30pm
11/25 9am-6:30pm

Closed Thanksgiving Day!

11/27 By Appointment
11/28 By Appointment

Price: $3.35 /lb